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Machine Building

Ink Jet in a whole new light

What we do

At Atomjet we use our extensive experience in ink jet and microfluidics to help our customers get to market more quickly and more cheaply. Because we have been involved in so many ink jet developments, we can help you to avoid the pitfalls that others (and we) have fallen into in the past.

Our InQuisitor product range helps customers to compare and contrast the capabilities of the fast growing range of offerings in the ink jet space – inks, print heads, data-paths, ink supplies, maintenance systems etc. and helps them pick the right option before specifying and building their own machine.

We are developing ink supply systems designed for low-cost and high performance, based on novel pump technologies.

How we are different

AtomJet draws on the skills of a wide range of associates, skilled in ink jet and microfluidics from across Europe to focus on the specific needs of each customer’s particular application. In this way, we can keep our cost base low and offer exceptional value for money.

Core skills

Based on over twenty years of ink jet technology development and over thirty years of precision machine building experience, AtomJet can work with you to provide exactly the system you need to get into the ink jet market quickly with the right product.


We aim to provide products and advice into the markets where they are of most value – those markets where the challenges are greatest and the potential rewards are the highest. These can be summarised as the non-graphics or digital fabrication applications of ink jet:

  • 3D Printing
  • Printed Electronics
  • Bio-printing
  • Organic Photovoltaics
  • Displays


AtomJet launces InQuisitor at IMI Europe show in Barcelona




Machine building