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AtomJet InQuisitor

Inspect. Perfect.


  • The complete ink jet test bed
  • Based on a well-engineered core, tailored to the customers’ needs
  • Modular
  • Configurable
  • Extendable

Target Users

  • Machine builders and integrators
  • Ink manufacturers
  • Print head manufacturers
  • Data-path manufacturers
  • UV and IR source manufacturers
  • Lab-to-Fab developers


  • Accelerated development programs
  • A single machine for staff to work with across all developments
  • Compare and contrast competing sub-systems such as print-heads and data-paths
  • Identify the best architecture for your application
  • Quickly and accurately evaluate new inks and fluids
  • Produce meaningful data on print quality and print reliability

Choose your system components

  • Specify your sub-systems from any supplier
  • Or mount competing sub-systems on the same machine and compare like-for-like
  • Printheads
  • Data-paths
  • Ink Supplies
  • Inks and Functional Fluids
  • UV and IR sources
  • And we’ll build it for you!

Validate and optimise

  • Visualise drop ejection
  • Adjust waveforms for optimal performance
  • Nozzle plate maintenance
  • Print real image data at full speed on flat-bed or roll to roll
  • Analyse results
  • Adjust parameters and repeat
  • All under full computer control


Machine builders and integrators

Digital press customers rightly demand increasingly higher levels of print quality and reliability. Conventional drop visualisation systems fire only a small number of nozzles, at relatively low duty cycles. These can lead to misleadingly optimistic results that don’t translate to real printing conditions. InQuisitor plugs this gap by allowing full speed printing with real graphics or text images at full print speed.

InQuisitor allows you to accelerate and de-risk your development by providing a controlled development environment where you can test the claims of the printhead, data-path or ink system suppliers against one another and your target specification.

Ink manufacturers

Ink manufacturers have to validate their inks in many manufacturers’ print heads. The heads and associated data-paths, ink supply systems and user interfaces are generally incompatible, resulting in an expensive and hard to manage proliferation of systems.

InQuisitor addresses this problem by providing a common platform that allows any print head type to be tested and swapped around, thus ensuring that each InQuisitor is highly utilised. Operators only need to learn one machine. Testing can be completed under computer control, meaning that a single operator can be responsible for several machines.

Moves towards LED UV curing have produced benefits, but also challenges, such as the need to match photo-initiator chemistry to absorb efficiently in response to the different spectra of the new sources. InQuisitor can be fitted with a wide range of UV or IR sources, and with the substrate moving at full printing speeds, issues such as UV pinning and curing can be approached in a realistic, methodical and efficient way.

Print head manufacturers

Print head manufacturers need to test a wide range of inks and fluids and validate them for use. Waveform optimisation is a key tool in achieving this. InQuisitor provides a powerful development environment with the waveform control software combining with state-of-the-art optics and image analysis to give the quickest and most reliable waveform development available.

InQuisitor provides a neutral, open source environment to allow evaluation of new or third party data-paths, ink systems or maintenance systems. It also allows a common platform to demonstrate to customers that, where necessary, waveform adjustments cannot achieve the performance required and that a change of ink formulation is required.


Data-path manufacturers

As print head manufacturers introduce new products, head personality cards need to be designed, tested and validated in realistic operating conditions.

InQuisitor’s combination of drop visualisation and choice of fast flat-bed or roll-to-roll media transport allows the data-path and print head to be tested across the entire performance envelope.

UV and IR source manufacturers

LED UV curing sources are competing with mercury vapour lamps. InQuisitor allows UV source manufacturers to investigate how well their sources pin or cure any particular candidate ink and work with machine builders and ink formulators in an informed way.

Faster print speeds and wider webs present increasing challenges to IR drying systems. More water vapour needs to be removed in shorter and shorter times, resulting in higher power driers and higher risks of fire in the event of a paper jam.

InQuisitor can be fitted with a wide range of UV or IR sources, and with the ability to move the substrate at full printing speeds, issues such as UV pinning and curing and high-speed drying of aqueous inks can be approached in a realistic, methodical and efficient way.

Lab-to-Fab developers

Lab-to-Fab, Digital Fabrication, Additive Manufacture, 3D-Printing, call it what you will, continue to provide fruitful areas of research. However, the print systems available on the market to service these areas have been based on small print heads. This has meant that the speed of production of any components has been very slow and has anchored the technologies firmly in the lab.

InQuisitor, with its ability to use any of the current generation of industrial print heads and accurate 3-axis motion systems allows users to break out of the lab and to make meaningful steps towards the fab.

With its state-of-the-art imaging and data collection technologies, InQuisitor provides the ideal platform to allow both fluid formulation and waveform developments to proceed as quickly as possible to achieve the goal of a functional fluid that can both be jetted reliably and that performs to its potential on the substrate.



  • High quality optics and 1.3 Megapixels RGB camera
  • 250 nanosecond RGB strobe pulse
  • Drops in flight and nozzle plate inspection viewing
  • Advanced image analysis of drops in flight
  • Drop direction and velocity reporting
  • Automatic storage of data for analysis
  • Integrated purging and nozzle maintenance for unattended running
  • Fully integrated, 3-axis motorised stage controls
  • Linear stage speeds up to 1 metre per second
  • Vacuum platen for easy sample handling
  • Optimise and de-bug critical components before you design your system
    • Printheads: KM; Kyocera; Dimatix; Xaar; Ricoh; TTEC etc.
    • Data-paths: GIS; Meteor etc.
    • Ink formulations: UV; Aqueous; Functional Fluids
    • Drive waveforms
    • Ink supply systems:  MegnaJet; Hi-Jet etc.
    • Nozzle maintenance systems
  • Test new combinations of sub-systems in a controlled environment
  • Fully enclosed and extracted environment to protect your staff
  • Optional pre- and post-printing media treatment  - UV infrared or plasma
  • Optional roll-to-roll or drum-rig media transport
  • Optional Lab-to-Fab Process Assessment
    • Print multiple layers on top of each other
    • Each layer can be a different image
    • Two or more printheads can be mounted at once
    • Each printhead can be supplied with a different fluid
    • Printheads can even be from different manufacturers
  • Optional automatic analysis of printed samples
  • Optional automatic waveform optimisation



Machine building