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AtomJet Technology

Ink Jet

With more than twenty years of experience in the industry, AtomJet has both depth and breadth of understanding of the underlying physics that make it work, together with the materials and processes to manufacture ink jet systems.

A successful ink jet print head has to work with a range of inks or fluids to address the widest possible market. In general, this requires adjustment of the electronic waveforms used to actuate the drops. Through years of experience working with head manufacturers and ink formulators and helped by the development and use of its InQuisitor product, AtomJet has gained a deep understanding of the capabilities and limitations of waveform design. We work with our customers to optimise jetting by adjusting waveforms. In some cases the optimum will fall short of what the application requires. In such cases, it will be necessary either to adjust the formulation of the ink, or to switch to an alternative print head. AtomJet has the skills, knowledge and equipment to help its customers respond quickly and appropriately to this challenge.


Ink jet is one of the best-known and commercially successful examples of MEMS. Processes and features routinely used in the manufacture of ink jet that can be deployed to make other MEMS devices include:

  • Deep Reactive Ion Etching
  • Excimer Laser processing
  • Piezo ceramic actuator
  • Ultra-precision sawing and grinding
  • Self-aligning and self-assembling micro-structures

With a wealth of experience in inkjet, AtomJet is well-placed to provide expert advice on all the above to solve problems with, or develop products based on MEMS technology.


Ink jet is also one of the best-known and commercially successful examples of a micro-fluidic device. The internal geometries in an ink jet product are in the 10-100 micron. The physics of fluid flow at such scales are quite different than at macroscopic scales. AtomJet’s extensive experience of building and testing fluidic systems at the micro-scale means that even if your microfluidic application is not ink jet, but something else, we have the insights to help optimise your system.

Ultra-precision Manufacturing

Ink jet print heads feature very small and tightly toleranced parts that nonetheless need to be manufactured cost-effectively by the million. AtomJet can specify or design equipment and tooling to machine, place and join components to micron or sub-micron accuracy in a true manufacturing environment.




Machine building